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New White Glass | Black Stem Glass Ranges

14 Mar 2011
Offer Valid til 28th March 2011

White Glass/Black Stem Glass Range

New White Glass Range | Black Stem Range Back in stock

Introducing our new White Glass Range with colour changing lighting (RGB LEDs). The range consists of the Beer Mug, Highball Glass, Short Glass and Shooter Glass. All made from high quality and durable white plastic which disperses light in a ‘mood lighting’ effect.

We have also received new stock of the black stem range, namely Martini Glass, Wine Glass, Champagne Glass and Margarita Glass.

Please contact our sales team for pricing and futher information.

White Glass Range
White Glass Range
White Glass Range   Sample 250-499 500-999 1000-4999
Beer Mug R 72.39 R 60.33 R 54.30 R 48.26
Highball Glass R 52.63 R 43.86 R 39.47 R 35.09
Short Glass R 43.76 R 36.47 R 32.82 R 29.17
Shooter Glass R 20.51 R 17.09 R 15.38 R 13.67

• Large Branding Area
• Fades from colour to colour and pauses on one colour

  • Must be hand washed
• Durable and reusable
• Replaceable Batteries

Black Stem Glass Range
Author:   Firewater Light

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