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Green Torches

27 Jul 2011

Offer Valid until 12 August 2011

Green Products

Shake & Shine Torch/ Solar Torch Keychain

Introducing two Green Lighting Products that are ideal for those who want to save the planet, all while saving money on batteries.

The new Shake & Shine Torch is a green product which uses kinetic energy, from shaking the torch, instead of batteries to charge.

The Solar Torch Keychain is a green product, using the sun's energy to keep the lithium batteries charged so you can light your way whenever and wherever.

Green Products

Shake & Shine
Shake and Shine Sample 2-99 100-499 500-999 1k-5k 5k+
R 84.16 R 70.14 R 63.12 R 56.11 R 49.10 Call!
Shake torch to charge
No batteries required
Durable, reusable
  Environmentally friendly
Length: 175mm

Solar Torch Keychain
Torch Keychain Sample 500-1k 1k-5k 5k -10k 10k+
R 28.25 R 23.54 R 21.19 R 18.83 R 16.48
Author:   Firewater Light

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