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Firewater Light brings Nokia N78 Billboard to Light


Firewater Light was pleased to be involved in the bringing to life of a billboard in Nokia’s latest N78 “maphotonline” outdoor campaign; a special project together with Media Compete and JWT .

This is the first flex billboard that has been transformed this way in Africa and it will revolutionise the way traditional flex face billboards can be brought to life using unique lighting effects.

This project was achieved by using Firewater Light’s speciality technology: Electroluminescent (EL) panels, which were attached to the huge face of the billboard to light up the words “map”, “photo” and “online” in sequence, enhancing the message of the campaign.

Electroluminescent panels are paper-thin, and completely customisable to create animated sequences in just about any size. It is also flexible, remarkably durable, safe and energy-efficient. EL can be powered by battery-operated drivers (for small sizes) or by a mains outlet and is cool to the touch.

The new billboard can be seen on Marlboro Drive in Johannesburg, between the M1 and N1 highways, competing for attention with the Highveld’s infamous lightning storms!

A video of the flighting of the board and the animation sequence of the EL panels can be seen here

Author:   Firewater Light

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